Seeking the Cure for Alzheimer’s

Dr. Michael Mullan has committed his life to helping mankind. He is fighting to find a cure for the debilitating genetic disease commonly known as Alzheimer’s. His credentials are an asset to the Roskamp Institute and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Mullan believes that the terrible disease which affects over five million people in the United States and over 30 million people worldwide will one day be eliminated once its cause is found and a cure created. Dr. Mullan continues to pioneer the work of clinical trials and studies so as to bring this window of time closer.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Dr. Michael Mullan knew from an early age that he was interested in working with people and living things. Dr. Mullan enjoys the field of medicine, both in research and with patients, because it is an “intuitive diagnostic practice.”

The Roskamp Institute and Alzheimer’s disease

The Roskamp Institute has become an invaluable asset to the battle against Alzheimer’s disease and the leading and driving force behind this is Dr. Michael Mullan. He focuses on bringing in funding for both the labs and studies. He has a team of entrepreneurial focused individuals that help strategically determine ways to leverage funding for clinical studies, medicine development and treatment.

Making Strides towards the Future with the Memory Clinic and Memory Trials

The surrounding Tampa area that the Roskamp Institute calls home provides an audience of individuals that participate in particular genetic studies. The studies continually improves research directions in the fight against diseases related to memory loss.

Alzheimer’s, and related disorders that affect cognitive impairment and dysfunction, are the main areas of focus that are in need of new clinical trials. The clinic provides services to dementia patients and educates patients’ caregivers as an important part of the process. The clinical team consists of experienced specialists in geriatrics, neuropsychology and neuroradiology. Under the guidance of the Institute’s director, Dr. Mullan, the RIMC team is led by Dr. Andrew Keegan, who is a highly experienced neurologist, with expertise in the assessment of Alzheimer’s.

Obsession with Grey Matter

Dr. Mullan’s obsession with the cure for Alzheimer’s is what has driven the Iinstitute to become such a formidable and renowned center for the struggle against genetic diseases. Mullan is working to find the winning combination that will cure the disease. Early on in his career, while still a student, he made initial discoveries of the effect and role of genetics.

Mullan describes the discovery of excess amyloid. “That gave us the idea that if we could lower those levels, then maybe we could stop the disease. The second thing is that genetic error was put into lab mice and 50 percent developed Alzheimer’s as they got older. So we had a model and in those days we had a simple mantra – if we could cure the mice then we could cure Alzheimer’s.”

This mantra follows Mullan to this day with his desire and drive to fight and cure Alzheimer’s.


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